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X-ray Baggage Scanner Manufacturer

X-ray Baggage Security Scanner ELS-5030A

-Tunnel size: 500 x 300 mm

X-ray Parcel Inspection Security Scanner ELS-5030C 

-Tunnel size: 500 x 300 mm

X-ray Baggage Parcel Inspection  Security Scanner ELS-6550

-Tunnel size: 650 x 500 mm


X-ray Baggage Inspection Screening System ELS-8065

-Tunnel size: 800 x 650 mm

X-ray Baggage Luggage Inspection Scanner ELS-10080

-Tunnel size: 1000 x 800 mm

X-ray Baggage Luggage Security Scanner ELS-100100

-Tunnel size: 1000 x 1000 mm

Airport X-ray baggage Scanner ELS-150180

-Tunnel size: 1500 x 1800 mm

Walk Through Metal Detector ELS-VD

Handheld Metal Detector ELS-3001

X-ray Industrial Inspection Scanner

 Shoes Bags Toys Foods X-ray Insepction Scanner ELS-60S

 -Tunnel size: 315 x 150 mm

X-ray Industry Insepction Scanner ELS-60S

-Tunnel size: 500 x 230 mm

X-ray Industry Insepction Scanner ELS-360HD

-Tunnel size: 315 x 150 mm


X-ray Industry Insepction Scanner ELS-380HD

-Tunnel size: 315 x 150 mm


We are Elanscan

 Elanscan from Dongguan Erlangshen imaging equipment Co.,Ltd. A leading X-ray security industry inspection scanner manufacturer in China…

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We are Elanscan

Our honor



 Elanscan has passed IS09001, OHSAS18001, IS014001, CE certification…


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